Washington DC's Home of Organic Drycleaning
1513 U Street N.W.  |  202-745-5726


  • Same Day Cleaning Service

    Need something cleaned or pressed fast? We offer the same day service where upon request of the customer we can clean most of the garment brought the day before 10 AM, and by 5 PM the clothes will be ready to be picked up.

  • Professional Shirt Laundry

  • Don't spend your morning ironing shirts. We launder shirts in the perfect temperature using custom detergents, add starch to your preference and press them for a perfect look every time. Next day service is available. Normal service time is just 2 days.

  • Missing or Damaged Buttons?

    We replace them, at no extra cost!

  • Professional Alteration & Repairs

  • Suede & Leather Care

  • Fur Care & Storage

  • Home & Office Pick up and Delivery

    We offer quick, convenient pick up and delivery service to our local area customers in Washington DC. Call us at 202-745-5726 or email us at for more information.