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Organic Cleaning

U Street Cleaners has adopted the green idea 7 years ago when we decided to upgrade our old dry-cleaning machine. The options were to buy the old method (Perc-based dry-cleaning machine) or upgrade to a more expensive Hydrocarbon machine, which uses a non-toxic organic solvent to clean clothes. Our choice was clear, go with the Hydrocarbon machine; a system that does not require EPA regulation unlike Perc machines. 

Perc is used by 90% of all drycleaners in the US. Only about 7% of drycleaners use Hydrocarbon machines. The Hydrocarbon system offers more benefits than the Perc system. Just to mention a few, Hydrocarbon is an organic solvent that is safe for the environment, there are no known health hazards with Hydrocarbon usage, clothes get cleaner, brighter, softer and odor-free, and it is safe on beads, leather trims, and other plastic ornaments.  

Using the Hydrocarbon system doesn’t make us 100% organic. Our goal is to incorporate this system with our experience to clean clothes safer and cleaner. We use wet-cleaning with biodegradable detergent and recycled hangers and supplies to reduce waste to achieve greener cleaning. Moreover, U Street Cleaners uses 30% less utilities than most drycleaners. We do this with our energy efficient equipments, and by practicing energy conservation.

Our customers have known this for years and many not only come because of our friendly service and quality cleaning, but also because we practice environmental friendly dry-cleaning. We encourage our customers to do the same by returning hangers, covers, and other recyclable supplies.